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Metal Detector ZK D4330

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ZK-D4330 adapts beam structure,modular design, and hidden wiring design.This design not only is more convenient for installation,maintenance and logistics,but also enables higher security level

Advanced robust and washable panels.

High durability,Anti-wearing and weather-proof structure.

A stainless steel metal bracket with adjustable viewing angles provides better viewing angle and avoids light reflection.In addition,the brightness of the back-light can be adjusted by the program to make the interface clearer.

it adapts 15V low voltage power to protect the human body.The switch is equipped with an indicator light of power supply status.In addition,we also provide 4 and 8 hour backup optional batteries.

A signal cable connector is delivered with the device.You can connect the signal cable connecter to implement linkage between the turnstile and the walk through metal detector.



Input Voltage : 100-240V,50/60Hz

Working Temperature : 0°C - 50°C

External Dimensions(mm) : 2220(H)*930(W)*760(D)

Channel Dimensions(mm) : 2010(H)*760(W)*760(D)

Package Dimension(mm) : 2030(H)*335(W)*800(D)

Gross Weight : 70kg



33 detection zones

7"LCD HD display interface

Remote Control

Simple installation and use

Excellent anti-interference ability and stability

Each zone has 300 adjustable sensitivity level

Supports various language interface customization

Higher accuracy and verification speed

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